Website Hosting Services: How to Select the Best Web Host

So you want to build your first website, but you aren't sure which hosting is best for you. For beginners this can be a tough decision, as there are literally hundreds of different choices available. The good news is that there are several features that are important when it comes to finding the top rated web hosts. These 4 features will ensure that you build the best website hosting possible for your needs.

Top of the line hosting companies will offer a cpanel interface. This means that all of your websites will share a common database, which will simplify management. This is by far the best feature to have when hosting more than one site, since you will be able to keep each site updated at the same time. Not only will this keep everything in order, but it will also make things easier for you, since it will be less confusing for you to navigate. As a result, your customers will receive faster responses to their requests, and you will never have to hire a customer support representative to deal with the issue of your customers using a slow connection.

Another feature that is important when it comes to building a website is the ability to integrate your content into a number of different formats. This includes a number of popular media platforms such as YouTube, Flickr and WordPress, and Dreamweaver. Some of the best website hosting providers will provide all of the necessary plug-ins to make integrating your content easy, while others will charge extra for these plug-ins.

There are two primary types of hosting that you need to think about when it comes to choosing a host. You can either choose a managed dedicated server, or a shared hosting plan. Although most people will opt for the managed option, if you really want to build a strong business you should consider a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plans are usually offered by hosting companies that have low costs, so they are often the best choice for small businesses.

The features that are provided by shared hosting plans are excellent in most instances. However, the problem that many small businesses run into is not having enough storage space available. Unless you plan to purchase more storage space when you sign up for a paid account, then this is a problem that you will need to solve on your own. One way that web hosting companies will help solve this problem is through the use of virtualization software. Virtualization allows you to utilize the hard drive space of a dedicated server without actually purchasing the server outright, which allows you to save money and also get the resources that you need.

In addition to storage space, shared plans also offer virtual private servers (VPS). A virtual private server (VPS) allows you to create a physical machine that acts just like a dedicated server does, but is running in the background. This means that every time someone visits your site, there will only be one instance of the website that is running, saving valuable resources and disk space. Because the cost of VPS is considerably less than purchasing a dedicated server, many small businesses choose to go with a VPS instead. However, virtual private servers can still be quite powerful when used in combination with dedicated servers. In fact, VPS can even become a good option for businesses that need both high bandwidth and high storage space at a reasonable price.

One other feature that you should look for when you are looking at website hosting options is technical support. If you are going to spend money on a website hosting plan, you want to make sure that it has the best support available. Technical support typically includes round-the-clock technical support that can help you troubleshoot problems as they arise and can even provide updates to your application. The best web hosts have round-the-clock technical support and often provide free technical support when needed.

Finally, one other feature to consider when you are looking for the best website hosting services is customer service. When you are purchasing web hosting services on a dedicated server, you usually have no control over what is done with your files. You will not have any control over security issues, and if anything goes wrong, you won't have anyone to answer it. However, with a managed web hosting services, you can access and share files with other users, and you will have access to the technical support staff, which is always ready to help.